Solihull Dancing Blades (incorporating Mercian Ice Dance club) is a dynamic and friendly Ice Dance Club. Our Club Ice is welcoming and enjoyable. Why not join us.

We meet at Silver Blades Solihull in the West Midlands most weekends. Our Club is an affiliated group of NISA (National Ice Skating Association for Britain & N.I)

Come along. You’ll be able to ice dance on our Club Ice with skaters of all levels and abilities. Come along as a guest. Contact us. You can join a group lesson or have individual coaching, whatever you choose you’ll have fun and you’ll be welcomed.


Silver or Harris Tango (demo) Lynn Burton-Lenard and Duncan Lenard of Frosty Blades Ice Dance RAIDAG (Reunion Amicable International de Danseurs Amateur sure Glace) Switzerland 2011

Musical Moves

Enjoy Ice Dance