Solihull Dancing Blades (incorporating Mercian Ice Dance club) is a dynamic and friendly Ice Dance Club. Our Club Ice is welcoming and enjoyable. Why not join us. Get in touch.

We meet at Silver Blades Solihull in the West Midlands most weekends for about an hour and a half. Our Club is an affiliated group of NISA(National Ice Skating Association for Britain & N.I)

Come along. You’ll be able to ice dance on our Club Ice with skaters of all levels and abilities. Come along and skate as a guest. Contact us. You can join a group lesson or have individual coaching, whatever you choose you’ll have fun and you’ll be welcomed.

Video courtesy of Frosty Blades Ice Dance (featuring our Gold Ice Dance Coach Duncan Lenard)

Our club is affiliated to NISA (National Ice Skating Association of Great Britain & N.I)



NISA is the UK Governing Body for ice-skating and has ultimate responsibility for everything that happens within our sport, from the very beginners at Skate UK level we ensure quality of tuition through to the very highest levels of skating. When you are ready to start taking tests to further enhance your ability you must become a member of NISA however, as a responsible individual it is always worthwhile joining NISA to ensure that you have the adequate insurance cover should for whatever reason you should be involved in an accident on the ice.


Public liability insurance cover to the value of £5 million for any one claim, limited personal accident cover, personalised membership card, access to a range of exclusive merchandise, access to special promotions, website, dedicated staff members to answer all your queries and concerns.