Skating on Thin Ice!


Silver Blades Solihull Ice rental has increased and costs per hour are greater than income from subscription and weekly fees. In order for club to continue to benefit from sole use of the rink, members need to step up and support in new and imaginative ways.


 Identifying prospects

You may not be aware but you could play a part, or know others who might play a part in assisting Solihull Dancing Blades (incorporating Mercian Ice Dance Club) to become more financially sustainable.

 Speak to a committee member
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You may have skills to contribute or connections you could talk to, to benefit our club. Not everyone is comfortable fundraising and asking for money – even when it is needed! The good news is that there are lots of ways you can contribute to sustaining the future of Solihull Dancing Blades (incorporating Mercian Ice Dance Club).


Here are 8 actions you might do or, you could be involved in:

Number 8


Recruit an in-kind service. If you’re able to remove an expense line item from Dancing Blades’ budget it would directly contribute to a stronger bottom-line. For example, if you work for a benevolent company who, you might convince to provide some pro-bono services to our club? But, keep in mind, these in-kind donations must be of value to the club and provide an offset to a direct cost that Dancing Blades would otherwise have to bear.

Negotiate a lower price from a provider. Are you a club member with great negotiating skills? Could you negotiate with a provider; rink hire, promotions, or printing, for a lower price? If so, that’s more money in our club’s bank account.

Advocate for government money. You may be a member that can’t stand the idea of asking your friends for money, but you might be well connected in the city or county and could open doors to access government grants, fee-for-service or other government monies.

Provide intelligence on prospects. You might be a member who seems to know everyone in town. But, for whatever reason does not ask any of them for money – you can still be incredibly useful. You may be in the know about who is giving money to who, you might know what that person has already given to and at what level OR who else might know them and so on. When you make an ask, the more information you have going into it, the more successful you will be.

Email, call or visit a donor just to say thanks. The stewardship of a gift is an often forgotten, but incredibly critical part of the fundraising process. Being thanked in a timely way, particularly being thanked by a Committee member is a bonus. A donor who renews their gift to a nonprofit is providing more money for the organisation.

Explain to a prospect why you serve. Our committee is a group of volunteers who care so much about the mission of the club that they are willing to donate their time. As a donor, it is affirming to see that a volunteer is contributing time, but it is even more motivating to hear, in the committee member’s own words, why they feel compelled to serve the club. That story can be enough to convince someone to give.

Help create or evaluate a business plan for an earned income venture. If you are a business leader or entrepreneur this would be great use of your time and add tremendous value to your organisation. If you’d be able to create a more profitable club, you would be directly contributing to our club’s bottom-line.

Host a small gathering at your home. Over the course of a year, you’re likely to invite a gathering of friends and/or family into your home at least once. Why not take a few minutes at your next dinner party, birthday celebration or gathering for a feast to talk about something that is near and dear to your heart: the nonprofit on whose committee/club you serve. You don’t have to ask people for money, but you could simply say, “If you’re interested in learning more, let me know.”

Your club needs you!

Ice Pad

Defining our needs. This is the most important first step in fundraising. To effectively raise money, we have to know what we’re fundraising for. We need to take the time to figure out what our club needs and budget the costs to meet them. Your ideas and the people you know are important, you could volunteer to sit on the working group for Dancing Blades Sustainability.

Get in touch.

Enjoy ice dance.

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