Coaches; dedication and hard work


Lynn Burton-Lenard and Duncan Lenard


Our resident, Gold Ice Dance coaches; Duncan Lenard and Lynn Burton-Lenard currently teach at Silverblades Solihull Ice Rink. Their dedication, inspiration and hard work shines through the pupils they coach.

Their pupils have the benefit of Dunc and Lynn’s unique skills and experience. The pair bring extensive knowledge and training to bear particularly when pupils have rink test days.

Rink Tests


Ice Pad

On June 13th 2016, Silverblades Solihull hosted the Rink Test day for pupils ready to advance to their next level in tests.

Alanis Lilie Palmer; Level 9 field moves, Level 2 Pattern Dance (PD) (Dutch Waltz/Canasta Tango) and Levels 1, 2 & 3 Free Dance (FD) Emily Workman, Level 4 Free Dance (FD). Stephen Hollins; Level 7 Pattern Dance, American Waltz and 22 Step. All passed their respective levels except on this occasion Lucie Schiller.

The members of Solihull Dancing Blades (incorporating Mercian Ice Dance Club) know the importance of excellent coaching. All members and pupils taking their tests thank their coaches for supporting them in what can be a stressful time.




Lynn Burton-Lenard and Duncan Lenard Gold Ice Dance Coaches

Lynn and Dunc would like to congratulate their pupils who enjoy ice dance yet take seriously the importance of individual achievement. The couple would like their pupils to obtain their best standards possible. They also hope in the future to coach champions at Silverblades Solihull and currently have pupils working towards the Solo Dance Championships and the Adult Championships.

If you’d like personal coaching, contact them here or come along to Club Ice and talk to them.

Enjoy ice dance

2 Replies to "Coaches; dedication and hard work"

  • comment-avatar
    Karen Gray
    May 7, 2017 (6:47 am)

    Where did you get your amazing compulsory dance music cd. Sorry just spent a week with my dauughter practicing at your rink and your music is fab, my daughter does dance at level 6 awaiting level 7 tests for 3 years. Our music sends us all to sleep. Fab fun rink, congrsts. Thankyou for letting us share.

    • comment-avatar
      Duncan Lenard
      September 23, 2017 (9:48 am)

      Hi Karen,

      The music was put together by my wife Lynn who either speeded up or slowed down the tempo according to ISU regulations for the correct timing. A little more interesting than the usual ‘old’ music we all hear.
      If you would like a copy for your club, please contact us through here and we’ll sort something out for you.


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