Test Days

Monday June 13th 2016

Club members Alanis Lilie, Emily Workman, Stephen Hollins and Lucie Schiller will be taking part in the next arranged NISA Rink Tests at Silverblades Solihull.


images-5Alanis Lilie Palmer

Level 9 field moves

Level 2 Pattern Dance (PD) (Dutch Waltz/Canasta Tango)

Levels 1, 2 & 3 Free Dance (FD)


10154438_1023452217714696_3609933924495641985_nEmily Workman (Article)

Level 4 Freelance (FD)




IMG_4972Stephen Hollins & Lucie Schiller

Level 7 Pattern Dance

American Waltz

22 Step


Take control of those test nerves


Whether you’re taking an academic exam or a physical test, we all know nerves can get in the way.

Your nerves may not get the better of you but if you do feel a little nervous before or in the test, take control.

First, grade the anxiety; perhaps 10 being the most nervous and 1 being the most relaxed.

Ask yourself: What number of nervousness am I on at the moment? It might be, say, a 7 – a bit too high for a test. As you slow your breathing and focus on breathing out a little longer than you breathe in, you’ll notice your body starting to relax (the body always relaxes when you extend your out-breath). Now ‘watch’ in your mind’s eye as that 7 (or whatever the starting number) starts to drift down to a 6, then a 5, 4, and down to a 3, then 2.

Any time you feel a little too tense in the test, just repeat this process (but I bet you won’t need to).


Wishing you every success!


Enjoy Ice Dance

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