Annual membership – NOW due!

MembersMembership 2016/17

Our continuing support of Club Ice is, in part, demonstrated by our attendance to Club Ice along with the membership fee we pay each year. Without you paying your annual membership and regular attendance at Club Ice, Solihull Dancing Blades (incorporating Mercian Ice Dance Club) would cease to exist!

imageCould you imagine not having Club Ice? Without it we wouldn’t be able to practice or Ice Dance to our hearts content at Silver Blades, Solihull on Club Ice! Going forward our yearly membership will be due on July 1st which will begin this year – 2016.


We, the members are in a position to help our Committee and our Club by filling out our membership forms and paying before July 1st 2016. Bring your completed form with you to this weeks Club Ice (June 26th at 4:15pm) or fill out a form when you arrive. The committee would like to ensure all our essential details are correct and up to date – so they are asking us to complete the membership forms before the end of June 2016 and your assistance is appreciated. A full years, adult membership is £50.00 and a full years, under 18yrs. membership is £25.00

In the future we may have the opportunity to administer our individual membership through the website, where we’ll have our own log-in and members area. If you have questions about membership fees and ways to pay, get in touch with a Committee member.

Enjoy Ice Dance

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