Club Ice Future – be part of it!


Club Ice

A reminder about Club Ice this Sunday 12th June at 4.15 till 5.45, looking forward to seeing you all then. Check out our Club Ice Calendar.

Membership renewal

Be prepared to take part in another exciting year as a member of Solihull Dancing Blades (incorporating Mercian Ice Dance Club). Your membership is now due for the coming year, a significant contribution in support of your Club.  Membership forms can be collected when you come to Club Ice next or attached to the recent email sent from our Chair – Sharon Hollins. This year we have new members joining us. Introduce yourself. Help them feel welcome.

Unknown-7Club Ice Longevity

We are not currently covering the cost of the ice we use per week. Consequently it is now necessary for the committee to use Club savings which are diminishing quickly. We pay £202.50 per week for the ice and some weeks we have a shortfall.  To cover costs we need £230.00 per week.
I am aware that during the summer months there are holidays and days out to be enjoyed but we really do need to get the funds in if we want our club to prosper. Going forward I believe we can do this.


Your contribution

With new members and our existing members, we all need to work together to think of exciting ways to raise awareness and extra funds for the club.  I am very happy to say a few people have already come forward with ideas. The committee would like to hear from you too and take your ideas on board. Ideas you have to make the club a success going forward. If you are able to remove a ‘bottom line’ figure from our expenses, this goes a long way to help the longevity of our Club.
One example of removing a ‘bottom line’ figure from our Club expenses is Anthony Mitchell who, has offered to pay and continues to contribute to our fantastic website. Going forward not only has he committed to administering the site but to also pay for the hosting each year. This is appreciated. The site is a fabulous window into our club, where you can join in. Your ideas, comments and thoughts can be shared there. New members and prospective members will find it a source of information growing more useful with each contribution you make. Please visit the Club website, it’s a fun way of sharing information and spreading the word about our great Club. Invite your friends to have a look too. 8 Actions.
Ice Pad
 If you’re able to take out a ‘bottom line’ figure from Club expenses, speak to a committee member today about how you can help. You could be contributing directly to the sustainablitlgy of Solihull Dancing Blades (incorporating Mercian Ice Dance Club)

Ice Dance Training

What do you think about the idea of having regular evenings of training workshops to create greater interest to bring in other skaters from our rink and other clubs? We could spend the whole evening having training sessions, then have a different dance evening where we can all practice our skills. We already enjoy participating in Musical Moves, we could be sharing our love for it with more skaters. How about other workshops, what would you be interesting in doing? Remember Solihull Dancing Blades (incorporating Mercian Ice Dance Club) is your Club and we all want it to be a success. Join in.
Your Committee look forward to hearing from you, share your thoughts and see you Sunday.

Enjoy Ice Dance

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